Rogers Lowell Chamber Celebration 2019

Rogers Lowell Chamber of Commerce held their annual Celebration event Saturday February 2 at John Q Hammons in Rogers. This was my fourth year to photograph this event. This year was dedicated to honoring Dick Trammel. If you live in NW Arkansas, this name his very well known, if not, take a moment to familiarize yourself with his brief bio here, and this does not cover all the many boards he has sat on and his many accomplishments for Arkansas. Also check out KNWA's video.

The event was amazing! After the cocktail hour, the event started with the University of Arkansas mascot 'Pork Chop' mixing and mingling through the crowd followed by the traveling Band and Razorback Cheerleaders getting things kicked off. As Dick was a Razorback Cheerleader in the late 50's and has participated on the field with the cheerleaders at homecoming football games for over the past 20+ years. Dick got on stage right in the middle of them to cheer and "Call those Hogs"!

Then came the awards portion of the evening starting with the Small Business of the Year award which went to Sam's Furniture. Sam's Furniture is constantly supporting and sponsoring many worthwhile events and charities throughout NWA and does an incredible business in Springdale with their 100k sq ft facility!

The list of speakers this year was very impressive with Senator John Boozman, Congressman Steve Womack and ending with former Arkansas Governor Mike Bebe. They all gave incredible talks almost, which any comedian would have been jealous of, everyone was constantly laughing and hooked on every word.

A portion of Governor Bebe's speech stood out in my memory. He spoke about the uniqueness of NW Arkansas, how it's like one big city when we refer to "Northwest Arkansas", not necessarily Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville, etc, but we're all here together in one region, this type region is very rare if exists at all. He went on to say if Washington had the camaraderie, kinsman ship and willingness to work together as the people of NWA, things would be much better and much more would get accomplished.

A surprise visit also came from Santa himself. Now you're thinking WHY SANTA? I remember shaking Dick's hand and chatting with him in the past, I would ask "How are you doing?" he always answers with a big smile "Every day is Christmas and night the 4th of July"! That was his answer to everyone, and when he said it, you believed it!

Throughout the evening, Dick Trammel was presented several awards including a highway named after him among many others. Dick will also be Congressman Steve Womack's guest at the State of the Union Address in Washington this week.

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Dick Trammel
Govenor Mike Bebe - SenatorJohn BoozmanRazorback Pork ChopCall those Hogs
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Tyson SalesCon19

We are blessed with some incredible corporations headquartered right here in NWA. Among the largest are Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt, Sam's Club and George's to name a few. This year I had the opportunity to photograph Tyson Salescon 19. For two partial days I created around 250 headshots of attendees, they were all very appreciative of the photography, the care and diligence in making them happy with the results.

I had the honor to meet and photograph Tyson CEO Noel White and the CCO Scott Rouse with the people who were awarded. They were both there congratulating the honorees and those who were retiring, this was impressive. Part of any successful corporation is the accolades given to top performers and the encouragement to those who could be doing better.

We all know how global Tyson is and there are a lot of places that serve Tyson that we may not know about at all. I found out earlier this year the fat and grains that Tyson provides to other companies world wide that I had no idea about. I also was surprised at first, then it all made perfect sense, that Tyson is one of, if not the largest, provider of leather world wide. To me this is an example of not letting anything go to waste.

A few days after the event, well over 100 people had downloaded their headshots and the people at Tyson HQ had received many great compliments and positive feedback from everyone across the country loving their photos. I had the opportunity to photograph headshots from Tyson associates from all over the country, from California, Virginia, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Chicago, just to name a few (and of course, NWA).

This is a few of the photos taken…

Tyson Headshots Photography

Tyson Salescon19 Tyson CCO Scott Rouse
Event PhotographerTyson Salescon 19 Scott Rouse

Mercy Ball 2017

Mercy Hospital hosts an annual Christmas Ball fundraiser that is an event to behold. I've had the honor to photograph special VIPs for Celebrate Arkansas Magazine for the past 4 years! Through that time I've met many great philanthropist of NWA that give of their funds and/or time for the great work of Mercy Hospital and the care it provides. The list of great men and women I've met are very impressive and makes me proud of what I get to do but be a part of NW Arkansas. This year I had the honor to meet and photograph Savvy Shields (2017 Ms America - grew up in Fayetteville, just a mile from the studio), Becky Henley (wife of Brian Henley - Celebrate Publisher), Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchison and David Wurm (VP of Sales Walmart - General Mills), just to name a few!

The event is typically the first weekend of December and if you're not in the holiday spirit by then, after this night you will be. It's not over the top "Christmas" but an impressive event with subtle hints of the holiday season introduction. Each year the JQ Hammons center is transformed from ceiling to floor in the most elegant style, it's a real treat to open the doors and see the room for the first time each year. From the exquisite table decor to the wall displays around the entire room, there is something to look at, even the hallways outside the ballroom are filled with decor to evoke a feeling of joy and excitement. Click here to see the Celebrate Arkansas magazine feature of the Mercy Ball.

Savvy Shields

Becky Henley

Governor Asa Hutchison

David Wurm