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Fashion Project

Every so often, every good photographer has to experiment, play and expand on what they already know and do, this is how we get better. To do this, we need a 'muse', one definition of muse is "… a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist". Kirby Jett Harris has always been a very kind and willing model and a joy to work with. Within this project, even though her best feature is her smile, I wanted a different look, one that would expand her range.

Inspired by many photographers around the world I had some images in mind I wanted to create. A photographer is an artist in ever sense, to create and be creative, we have to think outside the box and explore new options and our creative side. This short session yeilded a great variety in a fun photo project.

Studio Fashion Photography with model at Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW ArkansasBlack Label black and white premier photographer showing fun and enjoyable session at Branch Photography in NW Arkansasstudio Fashion Photographer with colored gels at Branch photography in NW ArkansasLow Key Studio fashion photography for contempary photo project at branch photography in fayetteville NW Arkansasstudio Photography with colored gels of model in fashion photo shoot at branch photography

Unique Eyes for contemporary advertising adn marketing fashion and makeup photography at branch photography

High Key Fashion photography at Branch Photography
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