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DoubleTree Hotel - Hot Springs Arkansas

Many years ago, having recently moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas, I traveled to the Clarion Hotel in Hot Springs for the Arkansas Professional Photographers convention to take my Certified Professional Photographers test (I passed BTW). Little would I know many years later, I would photograph that same building as the completely renovated DoubleTree Hotel.

Hotels are fun to photograph, I get to see all the areas that not everyone gets to see, but most of all I'm envisioning how these photos will draw guests in, how can I compose, stage or light this room/area so that a guests, upon seeing it, will want to stay here.

You can see some behind the scenes of what it sometimes takes to get the lighting right… enjoy!


Not something you see often, but it had to be done to get the right lighting to avoid distractions and reflections in the glass :)


And after four photos composited….


Sleek Web Marketing Headshots

To have a web site design and marketing firm ask me to photograph their headshots is a great compliment. They, of all people, realize the importance of the image perceived by your web site content, which includes photography.

David Coatney heads up Sleek Web Marketing and asked me to create images to update their web site. We discussed a background that would compliment their website and the results were great!


NW Ark National Airport Executive Headshots

I love creating headshots on location, especially when I get to use the facilities as a background. The background is always different and gives me the opportunity to challenge and expand my creativity, not to mention to go 'behind-the-scenes' where few sometimes get to go.

Recently NW Arkansas National Airport contacted me to photograph their executive headshots, shortly after I photographed the airport for their new website. We discussed options and I mentioned using the airport as a background but in a way that did not take attention away from the executives in the portrait. The results look great, they were very pleased and it will help enhance their new web site.

NW Arkansas Airport Executive HeadshotsNW Arkansas Airport Executive Headshots
NW Arkansas Airport Executive HeadshotsNW Arkansas Airport Executive HeadshotsNW Arkansas Airport Executive Headshots7669

Also, to learn more about the airport and what they do, see the NW Arkansas Regional Airport Guide (not the official XNA website).