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5 Ways to Support Local Business Without Leaving the House

In the best of times, most small, local businesses have to hustle to stay ahead. Because of the recommended safety measures, small business owners are now facing down one of the greatest challenges in modern history. Once this crisis has abated, the economic fallout from it will be long-lasting.
Few will feel the pain of this more than the local businesses that make our community great. Supporting business is the mission of our studio and, in that light, here is a list of a few things you can do to support local business without leaving the house.
  1. 1. Leave a Google and/or Facebook Review – Take a second and think about the local businesses you interact with on a daily basis. Your favorite restauant, that hotels you love, and your dry cleaner all rely on Google to generate a significant portion of their trade. Take just a minute and make a list of ten places that you frequent and write them a review on Google. It’s almost impossible to understate how much this helps and it costs you nothing.
  2. 2. Purchase a Gift Certificate – Not everyone is going to be in a position to help financially, but please consider it. What is something you are definitely going to spend money on, but might be postponing because you are staying home? A haircut? A car wash? What about a meal at the place near your office? This is what NWA Strong is all about!
  3. 3. Shop Online – Many of your local businesses have online shops that you can use to buy the things you normally would. If you have a need for something, check out the website of your local shops and see what you can order online. Many retailers are offering curbside pickup and delivery to make things safer and more convenient.
  4. 4. Order for Takeout/Delivery – Restaurants are hit incredibly hard by restrictions on social gatherings. Take out and delivery services are still operating, and thanks to technology like Door Dash, Uber Eats, and more, your local restaurants are able to get you your favorite local foods, delivered right to you. When you order out, don’t forget about local restaurants who really need your support.
  5. 5. Make a Donation to the Food Shelter – Not everyone will be in a position to make a donation, and that’s understandable. Even the very wealthy and successful are hurt by drastic shifts in the market. There are many who can’t get food for their family, children who rely on school lunches going without. Donate to a church who has a benevolent service in place to help those in need.

Our community has been blessed for many years. Times like these tend to expand our thinking and make us more aware of our place in a community and how important it is for us to work together. As we are all forced to slow down and assess what’s around us, remember to think clearly, make decisions that benefit the community as a whole, and to be kind. This will pass.

Branch Photography will continue business as usual during COVID-19 outbreak

I would like to take this opportunity to inform our clientele that we take the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously, and are taking every possible step to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone we are in contact with.
As a high-end low volume studio, our numbers of contacts are small and personalized. Thus we can ensure safety protocols are followed thoroughly to minimize any risk to ourselves or our clients.

I am committed to remaining completely transparent and honest throughout this pandemic and will take the necessary steps using the safety guidelines mentioned by the CDC to keep myself and our clients as safe and protected as possible. Likewise, we would ask each client we serve in the coming months to be as transparent with us about their recent travel and potential exposure as we will be with them.
As with any threat to our client’s safety, I take COVID-19 just as seriously. We would never ask our clients to pose on a railway line, firstly, because it is dangerous and secondly, because it is illegal. Similarly, we would not willingly expose our clients to COVID-19, or any illness, or put them in a situation where they may be exposed. We ask our clients to also approach us with the same mindset in order to minimize the spread of the virus and to help our community move through this frustrating time as quickly and safely as possible.
The personal one-on-one partnership with our clients is the foundation our business is built upon: unparalleled service, attention to detail, and professionalism to everyone who comes through our door. We look forward to helping our community work through this outbreak, and we look forward to serving you this spring.
Keith Branch
Branch Photography 479-601-6480

Walk On's Sports Bistreaux VIP

There's a new restaurant in Rogers and it's called Walk On's.  Walk On's was founded by Brandon Landry and Jack Warner who were both walk on's at LSU, thus the name.  You can read more of their story and start here.   

Owners Chris & Jodie McJunkins recently opened another location in Conway Arkansas with a third slated to be opened in Arkansas later.  Add Walk On's in with other restaurants, Top Golf and new construction on JB Hunt Dr and S. Pinnacle Hills Pkwy makes this area the place to be, shifting many people south of Rogers with easy access to I49.  The face of the Pinnacle area is getting even better.

Walk On's celebrated their VIP reception on March 7, 2020 with a packed house along with incredible food and great service.  I was fortunate to photograph this event and meet the great people involved.  Make plans to visit Walk On's soon and see what all the talk is about! Check them out on
Facebook here.


NW Arkansas Regional Robotics Training Center

NW Arkansas is constantly staying ahead of technology and new innovations. We've all seen how robotics are being implemented more every where we go and many places we can only imagine it's use. I've seen many schools in the past few years developing robotics teams, fabricating, engineering and designing robots for competitions.

Another hidden treasure of Fayetteville is the
NW Arkansas Regional Robotics Training Center located on the square. I recently had the opportunity to create images for an upcoming feature in the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce magazine on location at the center. This facility helps train those who either want to enter the ever growing world of robotics or change careers to this area. This will be the future, there is no doubt, it is implemented globally for decades in large scale manufacturing and now is expanding on to other areas.