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Tyson Salescon 20

For the second year, I had the opportunity to photograph Tyson Salescon 20. For two partial days I created around 250 headshots of attendees, they were all very appreciative of the photography, the care and diligence in making them happy with the results, not to mention everyone was a pleasure to photograph. I had the opportunity to photograph headshots from Tyson associates from all over the country, from California, Virginia, Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Chicago, just to name a few (and of course, NWA).

I had the honor to meet and photograph Tyson CEO Noel White and the CCO Scott Rouse with the people who were awarded. They were both there congratulating the honorees and those who were retiring, this was impressive. Part of any successful corporation is the accolades given to top performers and the encouragement to others.

We all know how global Tyson is and there are a lot of places that serve Tyson that we may not know about at all. One thing we over look is the philanthropy Tyson does. While there, I saw a semi trailer unloaded at the doors. There were dozens of pallets stacked with boxes, then I saw several box trucks, trucks, trailers lined up with the boxes being loaded on them. I also saw a separate room where Tyson attendees were sorting through boxes of food and repackaging them. All this was food being given to many organizations and groups all over NW Arkansas. Little do we realize, Tyson alone gives over 20% of the donations of food for those in need.

It was also my pleasure to photograph training in addition to the headshots and awards banquet. This is a few of the photos taken…