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Architecture Photography

Hideaway Pizza - Fort Smith

Love photographing newly opened properties, but not necessarily in this COVID time we're in. It's hard to see a new restaurant not being full of patrons. This DID make easier to photograph, I didn't get in anyone's way at all. I will say that there was a line of cars around the building waiting to pick up their call in orders.

This project was in conjunction with Boen Kemp Construction, one of three restaurants they recently completed, the others in Rogers Arkansas and Wichita Kansas. When things start to open up and you're in the Fort Smith Arkansas, area check out Hideaway Pizza.


Russellville High School Athletic Facility

Athletics, for some, have always been a way of life, especially when it comes to the Razorbacks in NW Arkansas!!! (WPS) When it comes to high school football, I have great memories of cool fall evenings on the bleachers cheering on your hometown team and students. It's a sign of fall weather, the start of a school year and being around your neighbors in a community atmosphere.

Over the years this has grown, the past few years have seen larger, more elaborate, practice facilities for high school sports but especially football. Russellville High School is an example with their great Athletic Facility built in 2018. I recently had the chance to photograph this property for the architect and was in awe. From the large half football field enclosed practice area, training area, locker rooms and much more.


Note:The photo above is not for architecture, I just liked the infinity leading line.


Saltgrass Steakhouse Rogers AR & Wichita KS

During this pandemic we're currently in, greater appreciation and thankfulness is given (or at least should be) for all that we have. So many have lost jobs, income businesses and with so many unanswered questions.

To be honest, I have never been to a Saltgrass Steak house, but I've heard many people rave about it since posting these photos. This particular project was for Boen Kemp Construction. The first location was in Rogers Arkansas, it was unique in that the contractor told me the key code to get in, that was a first. I get to the location, let myself in, locked behind me, and after a some staging, adjusting window shades and finding the light switches, I was off to work as the only person in the building. Fortunately for this location, they were not quite ready to open when this craziness hit, there was no food or drink in the building at all and assuming no staff had been hired.

The second location was in Wichita Kansas. This made for long day but WOW, never ben so excited to get out of the house for a road trip. There were three people at this location, manager, waitress and cook and had a steady stream of people picking up orders. They were super nice to work with. When I was finished with all but the twilight photo, you know i had to order a steak and have a "truck picnic". The drive home was strange, first there were very few towns across Kansas highway plus very few cars traveling, this made for the darkest night I have seen in a while.

Through all this, take time to appreciate all you do have, support others who are in need and tell your family you love them. Philippians 4:6-7

Saltgrass Steakhouse - Rogers Arkansas
Saltgrass Steakhouse, Wichita KS

NW Arkansas National Airport XNA

NW Arkansas is growing at a rapid pace, there's no doubt. One such evidence is the expansion of NW Arkansas National (no longer regional) Airport (XNA). In 2016, the annual number of passengers was 1.33 million. Enplanements rose 17% in 2019, this comprises the passengers who fly out of the airport, (read the article).

In 2018, a parking garage was completed adding 1400 parking spaces in a covered facility, making the total number of spaces available 4,631. Since that time the security area has greatly been expanded, gate added, pet friendly room and mother's nursing areas, to name a few. While photographing the facility in December, I learned details of the impressive expansions and renovations coming in the next few years that will greatly change the landscape of the main terminal facility making the flying experience even easier.

Over the past year, Frontier and Allegiant have been added to the airport's airlines with lower non-stop flights, making the airport classified as National. This, obviously, increases the traffic in the airport requiring more additions and amenities.


Also, to learn more about the airport and what they do, see the NW Arkansas Regional Airport Guide (not the official XNA website).

Bentonville Emergency Communications Center

Nabholz Construction recently completed the new Bentonville Emergency Communications Center. Located behind the Bentonville Police Department, the facility is quite impressive. The front part of the building houses a two story very large multi-purpose room, workout room, detective area, conference rooms and offices.

The adjoining back part of the building houses the dispatch (Emergency Communications Center). This building is built to withstand an F5 tornado and redundant electrical and mechanical backup systems, all to protect and serve through communications in worst case scenario. The walls are well over a foot thick, I can't imagine the extra extremes Nabholz went through to make this facility what it is. This building has not only office spaces but also, locker room, kitchen/break area but also classroom space that doubles as emergency command room.

Bentonville Emergency Communications Exterior

Bentonville Emergency Communications Multi-Purpose

Bentonville Emergency Communications ClassroomBentonville Emergency Communications Dispatch

For those that may be interested, the scene took planning and forethought to make this room filled with black furnishings to 'pop'.



NWACC Integrated Design Lab

This summer, Nabholz Construction completed the Integrated Design Lab on the campus of Northwest Arkansas Community College. This new facility contains classroom and lab spaces for arts and construction. This facility is impressive in it's design.

The building classrooms have windows on the North and South sides. The shop is on the South side allowing natural light illuminate the majority of the space while the arts are on the North side so the light didn't hinder art work. These two factors are important in both areas and well thought out.

The shop was the most interesting to me since my father taught high school shop/agriculture for 33 years. He would have loved this space, lots of space for any kind of work and the best tools available. I had a long chat with Matt, the shop work instructor, he shared the future plans for the area for many more power tools and opportunities, there are even plans to make it available to the community. As a woodworking enthusiast, I was impressed with his plans, skills and ideas. I will be going back to visit and see the progress he's making.

While we were talking, a lot of memories of my dad and his shop came back. I remember him building furniture and even a military jeep cart for me when I was 5, all in the school shop. I still have the bed frame and dresser he made over 60 years ago.

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Exterior

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Hallway

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Art Room

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Shop

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Shop

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Side Shop
NWACC Integratd Design Lab Exterior

Kappa Delta Sorority, University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has some beautiful sorority houses, over the past couple of years I've seen three built, all within 14 months. I had the honor to photograph one of them, the Kappa Delta sorority house by CDI Contractors. The house is 42,000 sq feet, three floors and a basement. While that is huge, consider that KD has 400 members and 90 of them live in the house.

The house features a beautiful entry with staircase to the second floor and a double sided fireplace that opens up to the dining area on the opposite side. To the right of the entry is a very large study room with plenty of comfortable seating areas. Beside the dining room is a serving room beside a full commercial kitchen.

The basement features a computer room, exercise room, art room and a large meeting room to accommodate all membership. The second floor has a gathering room with access to a large balcony. The rest of the second and third floors have 2 and 4 bed rooms for up to 90 residents. Just a few of the images are below.

Kappa Delta University of Arkansas

Kappa Delta Entry University of Arkansas

Kappa Delta Dining Room

Kappa Delta Study

Kappa Delta MeetingKappa Delta Gathering Room

Fairfield Inn Hotel - Little Rock Airport

The first NEW hotel in Little Rock in over 20 years just opened across the road from the airport, by Mehta Hospitality. The week it opened it was at nearly 50% occupancy. I had the opportunity to photograph their Courtyard by Marriott Russellville last year and a great honor to be called back. This Fairfield is very similar to the new one in Fayetteville with a few differences.

Quality photography can make a TREMENDOUS difference in sales for a hotel. First, when booking, it's the photos that 'sell' the property over another. People naturally compare using photos and price. If the property is higher priced but the photos are better as well, a person could easily select it over a cheaper option.

All major brands have a photography guide, not on 'how' to take the photos but the minute details of staging, items allowed, what to include and preferred angles. I have a few guides on file that list the required/standard shot list. In every guest room, I double check the bedding for wrinkles and that everything is perfect. With new hotels, the bedding is so new it won't lay flat on corners, so I have to do that in photoshop, not to mention removed wrinkles.

I photographed the breakfast area at 4:30AM to capture everything perfectly ready for guests, every detail was scrutinized according to manual for accuracy. With the exterior,I always check the sun angles and found out that the hotel faced East. I arrived at the hotel in the morning with the plans of photographing the exterior the following morning, but thought, I would get 'insurance' photos as backup as soon as I arrived. That was a good plan as the weather broke just in time, the next morning was overcast and we were able to open up the parking lot to guests after the evening photos were completed.

I look forward to many more hotels in the future, regardless of location. If you know of hotel owners or management companies, I would greatly appreciate the referral.








Grand Village

"Grand Living, Grand Life" is the slogan of Grand Village at Clear Creek, Grand Retirement in Fayetteville. This beautiful facility recently opened and it truly lives up to the slogan. Bill Seeger is the one who came up with this idea a few years ago and got the ball rolling with his son Sam. In talking with him, his intent was for you to see the 'Grand Life' when you walked in and saw the luxurious spaces, then upon moving in, you have a 'Grand Life' enjoying the facilities but mostly the new family of the other residences.

This first half of construction features the main facility with a wide range of amenities including large theatre, formal dining, cafe', library, drug store, conference room, outdoor kitchen and pool house. The next half of the property will feature more independent living cottages & villas, but still full use of the main building's features to keep that community feel and closeness.

It was my vision to capture this luxury with the key elements being the exterior, entrance and dining room, there are many other areas that greatly enhance the experience as well.


The New School Additions

The New School had new additions made to their campus in Fayetteville that are very impressive. The three main facilities were the JB Hunt Family Innovation Center, Johnelle Debusk Hunt Academic Building and the Athletic Center. The contractor was Nabholz Construction, with architects Hight Jackson in Rogers and SLAM Collaborative in Connecticut. The campus grounds are larger than you would think, and the new additions fit nicely and greatly compliment the grounds and beautiful landscaping.

New School JB Hunt Family Innovation Center in Fayetteville, Architecture commercial photographer Branch PhotographyNew School Johnelle Debusk Hunt Academic Building by architecture photographer Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

The normal view of the above photo of the Johnelle Debusk Hunt Academic Building. It's the little things that greatly distract from the scene that I'm always aware of. In this image, not only has the sky been replaced but also grass, distracting signage, damaged step decals, specific area exposures and also digital water at the pool in foreground.

New School JB Hunt Family Innovation Center in Fayetteville, Architecture commercial photographer Branch Photography for Nabholz Construction and Hight Jackson Architect

As with the above image, this one has similar work done, mostly to correct the grass to where it would be natural in a few months.

New School Johnelle Debusk Hunt Academic Building by architecture photographer Branch Photography in NW Arkansas for Nabholz Construction and Hight Jackson Architect in Rogers ArkansasJB Hunt Family Innovation Center in New School of Fayetteville Arkansas Interior architecture photography by commercial photographer Branch Photography in NW Arkansas and travel national

Rogers Historical Museum

The Rogers Historical Museum has a great new face and one with a incredible back story. The new location was a Ford dealership over 50 years ago, read a little more here. Nabholz Construction completely renovated the building and added on office space.

In the photos you'll notice the original ceiling and brick walls, the amazing part is the front lobby floor is all original from decades ago, I can't imagine the care and precision it took to make sure that and the curved exterior glass windows stayed in tact. So much more was kept in place from the original too. Inside you'll see information about NW Arkansas, Rogers and the history of Rogers as well.

Exterior Marketing photography of Rogers Historical Museum in Rogers Arkansas commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW Arkansas

Construction Interior of Rogers Historical Museum lobby commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW ArkansasStagecoach at Rogers Historical Museum commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW Arkansas

Rogers Historical Museum Interior commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW ArkansasRogers Historical Museum Interior commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW Arkansas

Rogers Arkansas Historical Museum commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW Arkansas

Rogers Historical Museum Offices commercial architecture photography for Nabholz Construction by Branch Photography in Fayetteville NW Arkansas

Stribling Inc

Fletcher McQueen, Logistics Director with Stribling Inc, recently contacted me needing images of their facility. They co-pack, warehouse and distribute products for companies such as Walmart, Sam's and Tyson to name a few. Walking through the 260,000sqft warehouse and discussing his goal for the images, he shared with me some things that were would be happening on the day of photography and an example of one thing they do. They had a large quantity of shoes come in bound for Walmart Stores. It was Stribling's responsibility to unbox them and repackage into a display box for the stores, then they put those boxes on pallets bound for their destination. That day they did 500 pallets with over 300 pairs of shoes per pallet. I was impressed with the workflow from beginning to end. This facility was packed full of flat boxes yet to be assembled, many friends likened it to the warehouse from "Indiana Jones". A fun part of the project was being able to use the sicssor lift to get the images from above to show depth.

The exterior was a bit time consuming behind the computer, as you can see, being that it's January, it gives a lifeless look, not good for marketing. So I go in and meticulously add grass and trees in with the trick to make it realistic with lighting angles and shadows.

The sad thing is, they had already had photography from another 'photographer' and were very displeased with the results, his quote: "You get what you pay for". This cost them even more by having to have the photos done a second time. This reminded me of a quote by Red Adair "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur". I've worked many years, and continue to, perfect, hone and improve the photography I offer my valued clients whether the commercial photography is architecture, product, food, headshots or corporate photography of any kind. I want the best for them to help them improve their marketing and profits.

Corporate Commercial Architecture exterior photography advertising Stribling Packaging Inc in Rogers NW Arkansas by Branch Photography
Normal View

Interior Marketing commercial corporate photographer photography advertising Stribling Packaging Inc in Rogers NW Arkansas by Branch PhotographyBTS (behind the scenes) corporate commerial photography photography advertising Stribling Packaging Inc in Rogers NW Arkansas by Branch Photography

Newks Eatery

Does accuracy and detail matter to your business? Do you provide your clients with what they order or something close? Do you want your clients happy with the extra detail you put into your service/product? I would hope the answers would all be a resounding YES!

With an architectural photography client, who needs images created of the interior or exterior of their facility, I ask several questions, such as… who are the photos for? What do you want to emphasize? Is there a portion of the facility you want shown over others?

It's my job to make their area shine with pride. I first walk the area for the best composition, I may do several angles to make sure all areas are displayed. I also made sure all tables and chairs were straight. This is where it gets more complicated and I have to visualize what I want the final image to look like. See the images below, the "Normal View" is what the camera sees at the first photo taken, the other is after over 30 images are taken and composited for final image. The tables and floor are properly showcased so your eyes are excited to dance around the photo, thus holding the viewer's attention In addition, proper colors are held true. For example, notice the ceiling's true color is black, but in the original it has a blue cast, which is from the blue sky outdoors. I made sure all vertical lines were vertical rather than leaning because of camera tilt. It's these subtle things that the eye picks up and tells the brain "something isn't right here". Question: Which restaurant photo would you rather go to?

I'm always appreciative of my long time clients, one of which is Commercial Realty / Been Kemp Construction. I've said before but it still holds true, these clients give me the opportunity to see more new locations and meet great people than most people. This location is the new Newks Eatery in Siloam Springs, in the strip center across from Walmart. There is another location in Fayetteville off Joyce in front of Home Depot. I've had the opportunity to eat at Newks and the food is great, if you're in the area, drop in and check them out.

Newks Eatery commercial interior commercial architecture photographer in Siloam Springs by Branch Photography NW ArkansasNewks Dining normal View

Admiral Movers for Nabholz Construction

Winter is not the best time to create images outdoors, the trees are bare and the grass is beige. This degrades the life out of the image since the landscape has no life to it. However, this does not stop the need of photography, the setting will rarely be 'perfect' for any location session such as this and I welcome all opportunities.

This building, by Nabholz Construction for Admiral Movers, is in Tontitown Arkansas. The interior houses 50,000 soft of client storage, while photographing it, it reminded me of the end of the Indiana Jones movie where they show an interior of a huge government warehouse full of large wooden crates. The East & West exterior walls lean outwards slightly giving it a unique architectural design.

I was given the grand tour of the interior by Bill Locke who really informed me of how much they do, for example, the storing services for companies such has hotels until their construction is done and ready for furniture. It also features amenities for truck drivers while waiting for their trucks to be loaded or unloaded. Other storage areas are available in climate controlled spaces.

Nabholz has entrusted Branch to photograph this structure for an upcoming national construction competition. Nabholz Construction will also be entering the images we created of The New School structures as well.

Admiral Movers exterior commercial architecture photographer for Nabholz Construction in Springdale by Branch Photography NW ArkansasAdmiral Movers Normal View

U/Ark Tyson Agri Center

A few months ago I was topping a hill in Fayetteville on the way to a session. From this hill you can see a long distance to the west, the view always provides a great sunset. This day a building caught my eye that I'd never seen before, it had to be about 2-3 miles away. A few days later I was curious and started driving in that direction. What I found was an incredible architecture near the University of Arkansas agricultural and animal science areas. At that time it had the outer beams and no interior finished and I thought, 'how cool would it be to photograph that building'.

Fast forward a few months and in August that became reality. Nabholz Construction contacted me to photograph three recently completed constructions. One of them was this building, the University of Arkansas Don Tyson Agri Science Center. I went out late one afternoon to capture a series of images to compile to form the one above. My goal was to accentuate the facility in all it's architectural beauty, eliminating any distractions, large or small, to draw the eye to the main subject. You can see the normal view below, this is what 'most' photographers would see and provide, not me.

University of Arkansas Don Tyson Atri Science Center commercial architecture exterior twilight photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas

Normal view

I must add, on a personal note, I was thinking of my father during this entire photo project. My father taught high school Agriculture for 35 years in Tennessee, I was imagining how impressed he would be at such an impressive facility dedicated to the agricultural sciences.
University of Arkansas Don Tyson Atri Science Center commercial architecture interior photographer Branch Photography NW ArkansasNormal view

Longhorn Restaurant - Branson

Do you ever look on line for a restaurant to go to? Do you ignore the photos and go straight to the menu? Chances are very high that all the photos of food and the restaurant itself catch your eye and have a great influence on whether you do business with them. The architecture images can attract you just as the food photos.

I had the opportunity to photograph the Longhorn Restaurant in Branson MO for Commercial Realty. I ran into some challenges that forced me to work quickly to allow new staff to come in for training since it was not open yet. It's challenges that make us think quickly and how we react can make or break the job or customer satisfaction. I arrived on location at 7:30 am, since I was 30 minutes early, I took the opportunity to photograph the exterior first since the lighting was nice rather than wait until after I completed the interiors. It was a good thing I did, an hour later, an entire paint crew was out front putting on the finishing touches. When I got inside I noticed the dining area was set for training. After discussions with the GM and calling Commercial Realty, they asked that I photograph everything on the shot list except the dining room. At this point I had 30 minutes to capture three angles before training started, I was proud to say I completed the job as requested and did not interfere with their work.

I always love photographing architecture at dusk because the dark scene forces your eye on the building without distractions, but I really like the final image of the exterior. Look at the "Normal" view (as anyone would photograph it) and the final image where I took the image to another image, forcing your view to the building with little to no distractions.

I've photographed many properties for Commercial Realty and look forward to many more, helping their marketing and success.

LoneStar restaurant interior bar in Branson Missouri for Commercial Realty commercial architecture photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas
LoneStar NORMAL view

LoneStar restaurant in Branson Missouri for Commercial Realty commercial architecture photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas

Walton Arts Center Interior Renovation

This week I’ll feature some of the interior photos of the Walton Arts Center Renovation. The new facility is incredible to say the least, I know I bragged about it previously, but it’s worth saying again. The lobby is jaw dropping when you walk in. The JB Hunt staircase is encased in beautiful wood and frames the East side of the lobby and can be viewed from outside at any angle. The spacious area gives so much room for many events or extra space for performances. The center piece of the room is the gorgeous chandelier the demands your attention, even if you’re driving down Dickson St.

The Walmart Lobby entrance, on West St, showcases a lighting system that transitions to several colors, always giving the interior a different feel. They can program the lights to show colors based on the performance.

Just like all commercial photography I create, I take them personal. By personal I mean I put myself in my client’s shoes and take on the role of owner and look at it from my perspective as a potential client. First, how would I want my architectural photography to look or be perceived. Secondly, I look at it from a client’s point of view and what would it take to get my attention if I were to see it in advertising. According to my activity on my phone/watch, I walked about 5 miles photographing the interior. You may think, ‘how did you walk so much inside a building just taking pictures?’. To give you a brief idea, I’ve made “progression” photos that show a sampling of what goes into creating some of the interior photos, the Youtube link is below some of the photos below, please take a few seconds to watch, like and subscribe.

Walton Arts Center Interior Normal ViewInterior Commercial Architectural Photographer at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects by Branch Photoraphy from NW Arkansas
How this Interior photograph was created -

Walton Arts Center Normal View
Interior Commercial Architectural Photographer at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects by Branch Photoraphy from NW Arkansas

How this Interior photograph was created

Walton Arts Center Normal View
Interior Commercial Architectural Photographer at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects by Branch Photoraphy from NW Arkansas
How this Interior photograph was created -

Walton Arts Center Walmart Lobby Normal ViewInterior Commercial Architectural Photographer at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects by Branch Photoraphy from NW Arkansas
How this Interior photograph was created -

Walton Arts Center Exterior Renovation

It may seem I’ve spent a lot of time at the Walton Arts Center lately, well, you’d be right, but every minute was a pleasure. To be a part, in my small way, of something so great for NWA and Fayetteville, was such an honor. Part of being a photographer is the privilege to go and see things that I would normally not have the opportunity. The Walton Arts Center took on a huge task in 2016 of renovating the facility to give more people the opportunity to be a part of it’s shows and events. One way they did this was to expand the front ‘lobby’ considerably with large window walls so that not only could the people inside enjoy the view but that the people enjoying Dickson St could be a part of the events by simply passing by.

Twilight photography is my favorite for architecture. It takes considerable more time but so worth it and rewarding with the results for the client and myself. The building pops and gives a surreal feel through transforming the reality of what is normally scene. The colors are more vivid the contrast of the interior against a dark sky gives for a very inviting feel. This accomplishes the goal of making the viewer want to visit the location and be a part.

Now for the technical side. This particular twilight photo of the exterior was one of my favorites but also the most time consuming. I have included below a “normal” view (what it looks like in normal view) compared to my finished image compiled of several photographs and eliminating distractions, how ever minor they may be. Remember those pictures in the paper that challenged you to find how man differences you could find? Just to name a few things, reflections on glass walls, proper color temperature of building and sidewalk, replacing bare trees and grass, images showing proper exposure of interior, cleaning shadows and marks on sidewalk and sky background properly exposed. To say those things in one sentence is easy, but many hours of dedication were put into the final image. I enjoyed the process because I knew what the final image would represent and be viewed and enjoyed by thousands of people across the country.

Commercial twilight exterior Architectural Photographer at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville for Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects by Branch Photoraphy from NW ArkansasWalton Arts Center Exterior Normal View

Tyson World HQ - Discovery Building

I have always admired the architecture of the Tyson World Headquarters Discovery Building, located in Springdale Arkansas. I commend the contractors and architects for the building and design, I know Tyson is very proud of this addition to their world headquarters campus. That being said, I’ve been wanting to photograph it for some time. While I have photographed it during the day for Celebrate Arkansas Magazine, I wanted to get an image at night where the building really stands out. After a few emails to the right people, I managed to get permission and notify security what I would be doing. I would never attempt to photograph such a property at suspicious times of day without their knowledge.

I’m thrilled with the final image, all areas of the image are properly displayed with correct colors. I’m looking forward to seeing Tyson use this image world wide.

Tyson World HQ normal viewTyson World Headquarters Discovery building in Springdale Arkansas, Commercial twilight archtiecture exterior photo by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

Hunt Tower

The Hunt Tower in Rogers Arkansas was recently completed and, as the tallest building in NWA it is very impressive. It stands at 10 stories with 230,000 sf and has many tenants quickly wanting in to enjoy this space.

As impressive as it is, I wanted to photograph it as soon as possible. I went one night and it couldn’t have been a more perfect an evening (except for the one car I had to remove from the image, but that’s ok). After that night, I spent some considerable time making sure every element was taken care of with no distractions.

Hunt Tower - Normal View

Hunt Tower 5100 in Rogers Arkansas Commercial twilight exterior Architectural Photographer Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

Legacy Bank - Springdale AR

Legacy Bank asked me to create several images for their 2016 marketing campaign. These images included several scenes around NW Arkansas as well as 5 of their bank locations. I always enjoy the twilight architectural images, they take a LOT longer but they contain so much of a WOW factor. That WOW factor translates into more attention to the marketing and advertising which increases the effectiveness of the advertising. One bank in particular in Springdale, their main branch, was a challenge but at the same time, a challenge I enjoyed and they really appreciated.

The difference is amazing! The goal is to create an image void of obstructions to completely focus on the building, the primary focus of the shoot.

Legacy Bank - Normal ViewLegacy Bank in Springdale Arkansas, exterior twilight commercial architecture photography for website, branding and marketing by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas
See the progression of how this image took shape through MANY photos and photoshop talent -

Outdoor Kitchen and Gathering Area

Photographing exterior structures can be simple or very complicated, all depends on the structure.   I recently had the opportunity to photograph several locations for The Grey Barn.  One of the locations was a beautiful outdoor covered kitchen.  The outdoor kitchen was also a gathering area, very comfortable with fireplace and big screen tv.  When I arrived, I was very impressed, but then thought, through the camera, this will not be as impressive as it actually is, so I had to take it to the next level.  My goal is to take the eye deeper into the image to not only make the viewer desire a place like this or be there, but to also admire all the areas within the structure.   As you can see from the first photo taken, which would be the image some other photographers would accept, to the image with ten other images combined, the mood has drastically changed.  The Final image is more desirable, visually exciting and evokes emotion of a calm relaxing area that would be a place anyone would love to be.

Grey Barn Landscaping Normal ViewExterior Commercial Architectural Photography landscaping photography for The Grey Barn in Fayetteville Arkansas by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

Crabby's Seafood Bar & Grill

I’ve always heard great things about Crabby’s Restaurant in Rogers and I recently had the honor to photograph it.  It’s a great restaurant, place to gather after work with friends and I wanted to portray it that way.   I wanted to give an excitement and thrill to the eyes that stimulated the brain and took you INTO the image.  Let me put it this way, if you love roller coasters how would you feel about a flat rollercoaster with a few bumps here and there?  One that got up to speed and then let you just coast into the finish, would you be exited?  Would your heart race?  Would you want to get on and ride again?  Well, speaking from experience, and one who loves the thrill of rollercoasters, I would be very disappointed!
The same applies to commercial images.  My goal is to get the view EXCITED about the image, to take the eyes on a visual rollercoaster with excitement that makes them want to stay on the ride.  A ride full of peaks and valleys tall and low (highlights, shadows with great contrast) that excite the visual senses and the brain.  This kind of image sticks in the mind and remembers that ride and where it was, to want to go back again.  The highlighted areas draw the eye to many points throughout the image, makes the viewer examine the photo, become involved and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Crabby's Restaurant Photography Normal viewCrabby's Seafood Bar and Grill, Rogers Arkansas, interior commercial architecture photography for website, marketing and branding by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas
See how this image came to be what it is through over 50 photographs and photoshop work -

Farmington Basketball Arena and Performing Arts

Given the opportunity to take something that has the potential to look great, while in it’s present form is ordinary and blah, is a great challenge to me.  This facility was completed in December and while landscaping was done, it was too early in the year for the colors to come out.  As you can see from the “Normal Photo” and “Branch Photo”, there is a HUGE difference.  Many hours of work and talent went in to it AFTER the proper photos were taken.
This is a list of most of what was done:
  • Added in sky
  • Added grass to all parts where was brown, very difficult to add and make look real, especially in small areas.
  • Put in Flag from different photo
  • Added trees on left and right sides.
  • Cleaned concrete in foreground
  • Cleaned and darkened blacktop
  • Cleaned all curbs
  • Added building lights from other photos
  • Added street lights from other photos
  • Added light and shadows below street lights
  • Added windows from other photos to show interior
  • Added front of building from another photo that was brighter
  • Lightened light siding on front of building to ad contrast to “CARDINALS”
  • Brightened and added red to “CARDINALS” sign in front to make it stand out.
  • Removed garbage cans from under awning on left
  • Removed pipes at front
  • Removed water pipes to right of image on ground
  • Cleaned concrete at base of street light poles
This is most of what was done.  But to do this took years of practice and knowledge of how to get the proper photos in the first place, before taking it in to photoshop.
If your business or company needs great quality images of your facility, inside or out, call me at 479-601-6480, you’ll be glad you did.

Arkansas Architectural Photographer - Normal ViewFarmington Basketball Arena and Performing Arts Center exterior twilight commercial architecture photography by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

Centennial Bank

Sometimes there are impressive structures that I just want to photograph to hone my skills. Liberty bank was completed this summer and I jumped on the chance to create twilight images of this very large bank in Fayetteville with all it's challenges (which I won't bore you with). You can see a LOT of work done from the normal view to the final completed image. The heavy green tinted windows caused the most challenge causing me to 'paint' the interior.

Normally, after completing a project such as this, I approach the bank to show them the finished product along with an offer to purchase rights. Before I had that opportunity, Liberty Bank was bought by Centennial Bank. NOW what do I do? I went back and set up in the same position, camera height, focal length and time of day and photographed it again focusing on the signage on the end, on door and top center along with the flags. I then painstakingly placed those elements into the Liberty Bank image to created a newly rebranded image. Centennial Bank loved it and use it on many of their marketing materials and web site.