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Saltgrass Steakhouse Rogers AR & Wichita KS

During this pandemic we're currently in, greater appreciation and thankfulness is given (or at least should be) for all that we have. So many have lost jobs, income businesses and with so many unanswered questions.

To be honest, I have never been to a Saltgrass Steak house, but I've heard many people rave about it since posting these photos. This particular project was for Boen Kemp Construction. The first location was in Rogers Arkansas, it was unique in that the contractor told me the key code to get in, that was a first. I get to the location, let myself in, locked behind me, and after a some staging, adjusting window shades and finding the light switches, I was off to work as the only person in the building. Fortunately for this location, they were not quite ready to open when this craziness hit, there was no food or drink in the building at all and assuming no staff had been hired.

The second location was in Wichita Kansas. This made for long day but WOW, never ben so excited to get out of the house for a road trip. There were three people at this location, manager, waitress and cook and had a steady stream of people picking up orders. They were super nice to work with. When I was finished with all but the twilight photo, you know i had to order a steak and have a "truck picnic". The drive home was strange, first there were very few towns across Kansas highway plus very few cars traveling, this made for the darkest night I have seen in a while.

Through all this, take time to appreciate all you do have, support others who are in need and tell your family you love them. Philippians 4:6-7

Saltgrass Steakhouse - Rogers Arkansas
Saltgrass Steakhouse, Wichita KS

Noodles Italian Kitchen

In Fayetteville and NW Arkansas, we are blessed with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, and many of them. One of my favorites is Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville. Noodles has been around in Fayetteville since 1999 and thousands of people frequent it for not only the great food, but also it's warm inviting atmosphere that is dimly lit with an italian decor. The food and service are always great, you'll always leave full and happy.

When you look at the menu (and website), you'll see the food photos I created a few years ago. NOW, the next time you visit Noodles, you can say "HEY, I know the photographer who created these yummy photos in the menu!" to impress your friends! :)

Recently, I had the opportunity to create images for further marketing to feature the ambiance, service, behind the scenes and feel of Noodles. Being behind the scenes, I had a great view of how well orchestrated the work flow goes and how quickly they work to serve you, it is truly a well oiled machine. The entire staff I worked with was very nice and helpful in any way I needed. Noodles is one of those restaurants you can always count on to be fully satisfied every time. I had the opportunity to photograph a few scenes of a portion of the dining room with one of the kind servers, behind the scenes in the cooking area full of large flames and capable mixologist in the bar area that will all be featured in local advertising and marketing in the very near future.

Food photography by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville ArkansasSpagetti and meatballs food photography by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville Arkansasdesert and ice cream food photography by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville ArkansasRestaurant dining area interior architecture, marketing and branding photography by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville Arkansas
Cooking in action with flames and fire by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville Arkansas

Bartender mixologist in action pouring a drink for a customer by Branch Photography for Noodles Italian Kitchen in Fayetteville Arkansas

Newks Eatery

Does accuracy and detail matter to your business? Do you provide your clients with what they order or something close? Do you want your clients happy with the extra detail you put into your service/product? I would hope the answers would all be a resounding YES!

With an architectural photography client, who needs images created of the interior or exterior of their facility, I ask several questions, such as… who are the photos for? What do you want to emphasize? Is there a portion of the facility you want shown over others?

It's my job to make their area shine with pride. I first walk the area for the best composition, I may do several angles to make sure all areas are displayed. I also made sure all tables and chairs were straight. This is where it gets more complicated and I have to visualize what I want the final image to look like. See the images below, the "Normal View" is what the camera sees at the first photo taken, the other is after over 30 images are taken and composited for final image. The tables and floor are properly showcased so your eyes are excited to dance around the photo, thus holding the viewer's attention In addition, proper colors are held true. For example, notice the ceiling's true color is black, but in the original it has a blue cast, which is from the blue sky outdoors. I made sure all vertical lines were vertical rather than leaning because of camera tilt. It's these subtle things that the eye picks up and tells the brain "something isn't right here". Question: Which restaurant photo would you rather go to?

I'm always appreciative of my long time clients, one of which is Commercial Realty / Been Kemp Construction. I've said before but it still holds true, these clients give me the opportunity to see more new locations and meet great people than most people. This location is the new Newks Eatery in Siloam Springs, in the strip center across from Walmart. There is another location in Fayetteville off Joyce in front of Home Depot. I've had the opportunity to eat at Newks and the food is great, if you're in the area, drop in and check them out.

Newks Eatery commercial interior commercial architecture photographer in Siloam Springs by Branch Photography NW ArkansasNewks Dining normal View

Longhorn Restaurant - Branson

Do you ever look on line for a restaurant to go to? Do you ignore the photos and go straight to the menu? Chances are very high that all the photos of food and the restaurant itself catch your eye and have a great influence on whether you do business with them. The architecture images can attract you just as the food photos.

I had the opportunity to photograph the Longhorn Restaurant in Branson MO for Commercial Realty. I ran into some challenges that forced me to work quickly to allow new staff to come in for training since it was not open yet. It's challenges that make us think quickly and how we react can make or break the job or customer satisfaction. I arrived on location at 7:30 am, since I was 30 minutes early, I took the opportunity to photograph the exterior first since the lighting was nice rather than wait until after I completed the interiors. It was a good thing I did, an hour later, an entire paint crew was out front putting on the finishing touches. When I got inside I noticed the dining area was set for training. After discussions with the GM and calling Commercial Realty, they asked that I photograph everything on the shot list except the dining room. At this point I had 30 minutes to capture three angles before training started, I was proud to say I completed the job as requested and did not interfere with their work.

I always love photographing architecture at dusk because the dark scene forces your eye on the building without distractions, but I really like the final image of the exterior. Look at the "Normal" view (as anyone would photograph it) and the final image where I took the image to another image, forcing your view to the building with little to no distractions.

I've photographed many properties for Commercial Realty and look forward to many more, helping their marketing and success.

LoneStar restaurant interior bar in Branson Missouri for Commercial Realty commercial architecture photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas
LoneStar NORMAL view

LoneStar restaurant in Branson Missouri for Commercial Realty commercial architecture photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas

Crabby's Seafood Bar & Grill

I’ve always heard great things about Crabby’s Restaurant in Rogers and I recently had the honor to photograph it.  It’s a great restaurant, place to gather after work with friends and I wanted to portray it that way.   I wanted to give an excitement and thrill to the eyes that stimulated the brain and took you INTO the image.  Let me put it this way, if you love roller coasters how would you feel about a flat rollercoaster with a few bumps here and there?  One that got up to speed and then let you just coast into the finish, would you be exited?  Would your heart race?  Would you want to get on and ride again?  Well, speaking from experience, and one who loves the thrill of rollercoasters, I would be very disappointed!
The same applies to commercial images.  My goal is to get the view EXCITED about the image, to take the eyes on a visual rollercoaster with excitement that makes them want to stay on the ride.  A ride full of peaks and valleys tall and low (highlights, shadows with great contrast) that excite the visual senses and the brain.  This kind of image sticks in the mind and remembers that ride and where it was, to want to go back again.  The highlighted areas draw the eye to many points throughout the image, makes the viewer examine the photo, become involved and ENJOY THE RIDE!

Crabby's Restaurant Photography Normal viewCrabby's Seafood Bar and Grill, Rogers Arkansas, interior commercial architecture photography for website, marketing and branding by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas
See how this image came to be what it is through over 50 photographs and photoshop work -

Ruth's Chris Wine Room

While at Ruth’s Chris photographing food and the dining room below, I was asked to also photograph the wine room.   This room is located in the middle of the large dining room with “walls” of enclosed wine racks.   While it is a very nice intimate room for a small group, it is also dark for photography.   This may have been a challenge, but also made it more interesting and fun.   Just as with the dining room, but in much tighter quarters, I took over 50 images individually lighting portions of the room (in fact, you can see me with the flash in the normal view image).  Forty nine of these images were combined to create the final image below.   As you can see, the contrast between areas of light and dark excite the visual senses and make you want to look at it longer, exploring the space.

Interior Photography - Normal viewRuth's Chris Wine Room interior commerial architecture restaurant photography in Rogers Arkansas using painting with light by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas

Ruth's Chris Dining Room

I had the opportunity to not only create some yummy food photography but also dining room and wine room images for Ruth’s Chris steak house in Rogers this week.  If you haven’t been there, well you really should – great food, you know that the atmosphere is very warm, upscale and inviting with darker lights to create the proper ambiance.   This is a challenge to photograph, it requires more than just a shot or two.
I’m VERY picky on how I portray the images for my clients.  I want them to excite the eyes and mind of the viewer to want to go into the photograph and BE there.  NOTHING is half way done. In the first image you’ll see the before as you might see the room with a photo from someone else, just a point and shoot.  Very boring, visually.  The next one, while has a photoshop work done, would not look like that without the 130 photographs it took to make it, but only 110 were actually used.   That’s right 110 photographs were used to create one photo.   This was done to light specific areas of the room to entice and excite the eye to move around the room and explore the depth.
It’s my goal when photographing a scene such as this to draw the viewer in to gain visual time for my client and increase their business through photography.
Restaurant Interior Photography Normal viewRuth's Chris Dining Room interior commerial architecture restaurant photography in Rogers Arkansas using painting with light by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas