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Commercial Dispenser

The types of products that I photograph are greatly varied. Each one requires different lighting and treatment. Last year Darren Reynolds, Brighter Ventures, brought a hand blow dryer that you would see in commercial bathrooms. His vision to set his product above the rest was/is quality. A few months after I photographed and delivered the list of images he needed for Amazon, he told me his sales were 500% more than expected and gave full credit to the quality images created by Branch.

This year he commissioned me to photograph a similar product, a commercial soap dispenser. Being made of the same brushed stainless steel material, I knew how to photograph it, however his vision was broader this time. The product had to be photographed at an angle along X & Y axis to fit into stock images and the lighting had to match the stock room image to look real. On top of that, he introduced the human element, his daughter. All these were completed and then came the challenge, one stock room had a mirror, and his daughter's reflection had to be in that mirror and look like she was there. After trying to figure out angles, reversed, etc, I finally brought in a mirror to the scene to solve the issue. The rest was a matter of time and patience in photoshop.


Tag Heuer Watch

Why is it men like watches so much? There are several opinions but I think it's symbol of masculinity and maybe even power. Basically makes him feel good, much like diamonds & jewelry do for ladies. Personally, I love watches, I have a variety from wooden to very heavy obtuse ones. Look at men's magazines, one thing you'll find is a lot of advertising for watches.

I'm constantly challenging myself to create images that stretch my creativity and skills as a photographer to set the bar higher each time. This project was a
Tag Heuer watch, graciously on loan from Romance Diamond Company in Fayetteville. I chose this particular watch because of the mechanical detail in front and back. I spent the better part of nearly 2 days creating a variety of looks to see what worked and did not. You can see the elaborate set up in the behind the scenes photos, each light, flag and stand serves a specific purpose.

This was was amazing, to say the least, you can't help but admire the detailed workmanship. If you're in the market for great watches, or any other jewelry, check out
Romance Diamond Company on Dickson St in Fayetteville.

Tag Heuer watch product photography by Branch Photography, Fayetteville Arkansas in NW Arkansas
Product photographer Branch Photography of Fayetteville AR of Tag Heuer watch in NWA
Tag Heuer Back of watch Product photography for commercial photographer Keith Branch of Branch Photography in NW Arkansas
Product Commercial Photographer Branch Photography of watch face in NW Arkansas Fayetteville
Product Commercial Photography by Branch Photography in NW Arkansas for marketing and advertising watch
Behind the scenes watch photography by product commercial photographer Branch Photography in NW Arkansas