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Branch Photography will continue business as usual during COVID-19 outbreak

I would like to take this opportunity to inform our clientele that we take the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously, and are taking every possible step to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone we are in contact with.
As a high-end low volume studio, our numbers of contacts are small and personalized. Thus we can ensure safety protocols are followed thoroughly to minimize any risk to ourselves or our clients.

I am committed to remaining completely transparent and honest throughout this pandemic and will take the necessary steps using the safety guidelines mentioned by the CDC to keep myself and our clients as safe and protected as possible. Likewise, we would ask each client we serve in the coming months to be as transparent with us about their recent travel and potential exposure as we will be with them.
As with any threat to our client’s safety, I take COVID-19 just as seriously. We would never ask our clients to pose on a railway line, firstly, because it is dangerous and secondly, because it is illegal. Similarly, we would not willingly expose our clients to COVID-19, or any illness, or put them in a situation where they may be exposed. We ask our clients to also approach us with the same mindset in order to minimize the spread of the virus and to help our community move through this frustrating time as quickly and safely as possible.
The personal one-on-one partnership with our clients is the foundation our business is built upon: unparalleled service, attention to detail, and professionalism to everyone who comes through our door. We look forward to helping our community work through this outbreak, and we look forward to serving you this spring.
Keith Branch
Branch Photography 479-601-6480