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Centennial Bank

Sometimes there are impressive structures that I just want to photograph to hone my skills. Liberty bank was completed this summer and I jumped on the chance to create twilight images of this very large bank in Fayetteville with all it's challenges (which I won't bore you with). You can see a LOT of work done from the normal view to the final completed image. The heavy green tinted windows caused the most challenge causing me to 'paint' the interior.

Normally, after completing a project such as this, I approach the bank to show them the finished product along with an offer to purchase rights. Before I had that opportunity, Liberty Bank was bought by Centennial Bank. NOW what do I do? I went back and set up in the same position, camera height, focal length and time of day and photographed it again focusing on the signage on the end, on door and top center along with the flags. I then painstakingly placed those elements into the Liberty Bank image to created a newly rebranded image. Centennial Bank loved it and use it on many of their marketing materials and web site.