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Coca Cola Project - "All American"

During the down time of the pandemic, I tried to make good use of the time, best I could without being around others. As a creative, I'm always trying to think outside the box, take ideas I've seen and try to change them to my vision. The goal is to think like the advertiser, what would they want, how would they want the product portrayed, style given their demographic audience or to expand to a new market.

I saw this Coca Cola Energy can recently and loved the graphics and thought this is what I want to photograph. I tried many different ideas, a couple I did not like but the rest I had a challenge deciding what I liked best. After reaching out to commercial product photographers across the world, I narrowed it down to one… or three :) .

This is the one I liked the best.


Another top runner…


Here's a video made comprising 5 of the images along with music some of you may recognize.

Some behind-the-scenes…


And a short BTS video: