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NWACC Integrated Design Lab

This summer, Nabholz Construction completed the Integrated Design Lab on the campus of Northwest Arkansas Community College. This new facility contains classroom and lab spaces for arts and construction. This facility is impressive in it's design.

The building classrooms have windows on the North and South sides. The shop is on the South side allowing natural light illuminate the majority of the space while the arts are on the North side so the light didn't hinder art work. These two factors are important in both areas and well thought out.

The shop was the most interesting to me since my father taught high school shop/agriculture for 33 years. He would have loved this space, lots of space for any kind of work and the best tools available. I had a long chat with Matt, the shop work instructor, he shared the future plans for the area for many more power tools and opportunities, there are even plans to make it available to the community. As a woodworking enthusiast, I was impressed with his plans, skills and ideas. I will be going back to visit and see the progress he's making.

While we were talking, a lot of memories of my dad and his shop came back. I remember him building furniture and even a military jeep cart for me when I was 5, all in the school shop. I still have the bed frame and dresser he made over 60 years ago.

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Exterior

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Hallway

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Art Room

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Shop

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Shop

NWACC Integratd Design Lab Side Shop
NWACC Integratd Design Lab Exterior