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Grand Village

"Grand Living, Grand Life" is the slogan of Grand Village at Clear Creek, Grand Retirement in Fayetteville. This beautiful facility recently opened and it truly lives up to the slogan. Bill Seeger is the one who came up with this idea a few years ago and got the ball rolling with his son Sam. In talking with him, his intent was for you to see the 'Grand Life' when you walked in and saw the luxurious spaces, then upon moving in, you have a 'Grand Life' enjoying the facilities but mostly the new family of the other residences.

This first half of construction features the main facility with a wide range of amenities including large theatre, formal dining, cafe', library, drug store, conference room, outdoor kitchen and pool house. The next half of the property will feature more independent living cottages & villas, but still full use of the main building's features to keep that community feel and closeness.

It was my vision to capture this luxury with the key elements being the exterior, entrance and dining room, there are many other areas that greatly enhance the experience as well.