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Fairfield Inn Hotel - Little Rock Airport

The first NEW hotel in Little Rock in over 20 years just opened across the road from the airport, by Mehta Hospitality. The week it opened it was at nearly 50% occupancy. I had the opportunity to photograph their Courtyard by Marriott Russellville last year and a great honor to be called back. This Fairfield is very similar to the new one in Fayetteville with a few differences.

Quality photography can make a TREMENDOUS difference in sales for a hotel. First, when booking, it's the photos that 'sell' the property over another. People naturally compare using photos and price. If the property is higher priced but the photos are better as well, a person could easily select it over a cheaper option.

All major brands have a photography guide, not on 'how' to take the photos but the minute details of staging, items allowed, what to include and preferred angles. I have a few guides on file that list the required/standard shot list. In every guest room, I double check the bedding for wrinkles and that everything is perfect. With new hotels, the bedding is so new it won't lay flat on corners, so I have to do that in photoshop, not to mention removed wrinkles.

I photographed the breakfast area at 4:30AM to capture everything perfectly ready for guests, every detail was scrutinized according to manual for accuracy. With the exterior,I always check the sun angles and found out that the hotel faced East. I arrived at the hotel in the morning with the plans of photographing the exterior the following morning, but thought, I would get 'insurance' photos as backup as soon as I arrived. That was a good plan as the weather broke just in time, the next morning was overcast and we were able to open up the parking lot to guests after the evening photos were completed.

I look forward to many more hotels in the future, regardless of location. If you know of hotel owners or management companies, I would greatly appreciate the referral.