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NW Arkansas National Airport XNA

NW Arkansas is growing at a rapid pace, there's no doubt. One such evidence is the expansion of NW Arkansas National (no longer regional) Airport (XNA). In 2016, the annual number of passengers was 1.33 million. Enplanements rose 17% in 2019, this comprises the passengers who fly out of the airport, (read the article).

In 2018, a parking garage was completed adding 1400 parking spaces in a covered facility, making the total number of spaces available 4,631. Since that time the security area has greatly been expanded, gate added, pet friendly room and mother's nursing areas, to name a few. While photographing the facility in December, I learned details of the impressive expansions and renovations coming in the next few years that will greatly change the landscape of the main terminal facility making the flying experience even easier.

Over the past year, Frontier and Allegiant have been added to the airport's airlines with lower non-stop flights, making the airport classified as National. This, obviously, increases the traffic in the airport requiring more additions and amenities.


Also, to learn more about the airport and what they do, see the NW Arkansas Regional Airport Guide (not the official XNA website).