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Kappa Delta Sorority, University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas has some beautiful sorority houses, over the past couple of years I've seen three built, all within 14 months. I had the honor to photograph one of them, the Kappa Delta sorority house by CDI Contractors. The house is 42,000 sq feet, three floors and a basement. While that is huge, consider that KD has 400 members and 90 of them live in the house.

The house features a beautiful entry with staircase to the second floor and a double sided fireplace that opens up to the dining area on the opposite side. To the right of the entry is a very large study room with plenty of comfortable seating areas. Beside the dining room is a serving room beside a full commercial kitchen.

The basement features a computer room, exercise room, art room and a large meeting room to accommodate all membership. The second floor has a gathering room with access to a large balcony. The rest of the second and third floors have 2 and 4 bed rooms for up to 90 residents. Just a few of the images are below.

Kappa Delta University of Arkansas

Kappa Delta Entry University of Arkansas

Kappa Delta Dining Room

Kappa Delta Study

Kappa Delta MeetingKappa Delta Gathering Room

Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce Magazine

We are blessed with great people and leaders in our community here in Fayetteville Arkansas and it is my honor and privilege to meet and photograph them. So often these men and women can be right beside us in line at Walmart and we never know it, so many blend in since they are simply humble about what they do. They put in countless hours because of their dedication and should be recognized… and looked to for inspiration.

I recently had the honor to photograph there such great people for the cover of the new Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce magazine. These men include Chancellor Steinmetz with the University of Arkansas and Larry Schackleford, CEO of Washington Regional Medical Center.

Chancellor Steinmetz with the University of Arkansas and Larry Schackleford, CEO of Washington Regional Medical Center for Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce magazine by Branch Photography NW Arkansas

U/Ark Tyson Agri Center

A few months ago I was topping a hill in Fayetteville on the way to a session. From this hill you can see a long distance to the west, the view always provides a great sunset. This day a building caught my eye that I'd never seen before, it had to be about 2-3 miles away. A few days later I was curious and started driving in that direction. What I found was an incredible architecture near the University of Arkansas agricultural and animal science areas. At that time it had the outer beams and no interior finished and I thought, 'how cool would it be to photograph that building'.

Fast forward a few months and in August that became reality. Nabholz Construction contacted me to photograph three recently completed constructions. One of them was this building, the University of Arkansas Don Tyson Agri Science Center. I went out late one afternoon to capture a series of images to compile to form the one above. My goal was to accentuate the facility in all it's architectural beauty, eliminating any distractions, large or small, to draw the eye to the main subject. You can see the normal view below, this is what 'most' photographers would see and provide, not me.

University of Arkansas Don Tyson Atri Science Center commercial architecture exterior twilight photographer Branch Photography NW Arkansas

Normal view

I must add, on a personal note, I was thinking of my father during this entire photo project. My father taught high school Agriculture for 35 years in Tennessee, I was imagining how impressed he would be at such an impressive facility dedicated to the agricultural sciences.
University of Arkansas Don Tyson Atri Science Center commercial architecture interior photographer Branch Photography NW ArkansasNormal view