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War Eagle Mill "Dot Com" Products

Helping companies have a stronger market presence and higher sales is a great feeling and one I take seriously. On any commercial project, whether headshots, architecture, food or products, I put myself in the shoes of the business or other person. I do that because I first want to do everything possible to make them happy and second to help insure they get a great return on their photography investment. With product and dot com images for websites or Amazon, there are parameters to stay within in addition to my own strict standards.

War Eagle Mill is a great example, their previous images were not up to standards to properly compete. When I saw their past images and the images of their largest competitors, I would easily take the competition over WEM based on the photos alone. You can view and order their products locally on War Eagle Mill website or on Amazon.

The lighting to give the best look was first on the agenda. At this point, simply putting each product up and going to the next would be easy… but sloppy, each bag had to be flat as possible to eliminate/reduce creases and reflections. Lastly, each product was retouched for any defects with reflections or bag creases to give the cleanest possible look to give a step above the competition.